Here are the top FIVE things I learned in 2016:

  1. It’s Not About What You Know Or Who You Know.. Its About Who Knows YOU (Omnipresence)
  2. The hardest part about having VISION is being able to see what’s not already there yet! Trust your VISION.
  3. We become what we constantly think about. We have the ability to speak things into existence. The Law of Attraction
  4. Knowledge is power. Reading and absorbing information will make you rich. LITERALLY.
  5. Your attitude determines your latitude + your altitude – How far you can go & how high you can go.

Most importantly, I discovered that I DONT want to work for someone else and I want to manifest my own destiny. I’m trying to be a BOSS in a world full of EMPLOYEES. I’m saying this because I want more people to be their own boss! You are worth $15,000 an hour not $15.00 an hour! Find whatever it is your PASSIONATE about and make it your PAYCHECK!

My personal brand is growing by the day!

I’ve been at war for quite some time battling to get to where I’m at today. You’re probably wondering with who?

I was mostly at war with MYSELF. But now I’m working every single day to be BETTER than the person I was yesterday

And I’m at war with society and social norms which is trying to stop me from achieving my dreams.

My brand & movement is much bigger than my dreams. My movement is designed to encourage the masses to follow their PASSIONS.

Extremely excited about launching a new movement & potentially a clothing line the first quarter of 2017. Giving promo codes to those who want to help spread this movement. I will be providing incentives for people that buy pre-orders.

Like I said I’m still working out the details but I am extremely excited for 2017.

Drop a ” PASSIONS & PAYCHECKS ” in the comments below if you are following yours PASSIONS and want to be apart of this movement.

Snapbacks & T-shirts will be available for purchase very soon…