Custom Website Design


My weapon of choice around here is WordPress. It is one of the most popular and versatile platforms available. It is much easier for a novice to learn than other platforms such as Joomla or Drupal, making it a perfect solution for practically any type of website at any level of experience. Updating, editing, and adding your own content is simple and no coding is required!

WordPress now powers more than 20% of all websites today, making it the hands down CMS leader in the world. There are a two different flavors of WordPress – .com (hosted by and .org (self-hosted on your own server). We specialize in the latter.

If you aren’t already familiar with WordPress, you can check out a basic demo of the admin graciously provided by Softaculous.

The WordPress Admin Demo link below is provided by a 3rd party, therefore I cannot guarantee the availability or functionality of the demo.

Click here for the WordPress Admin Demo
Username: admin
Password: pass

Feel free to click around in there and explore it a bit. They reinstall it every hour or so, so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything. You are free to do whatever you like in there. We have moved many clients over to WordPress (even the most un-savvy of computer users) and they have been able to adapt to it very well and, in fact, have become much more active with their websites than they ever had been before.

What You Can Use WordPress For:

  • Informational websites
  • Blogs
  • A combination of informational with a blog as well
  • Membership websites
  • Multiple “micro” sites under a single domain
  • Light eCommerce
  • Your own social network
  • Probably a million other things

Be sure to check out my Portfolio to see a wide variety of website design I have done all built on WordPress.