This was a fun, yet challenging project to help a Minneapolis fitness trainer promote her services and expertise via a new website in order to land more virtual clients during COVID-19 and beyond.

One of the things in common as a designer and a personal trainer, we’re both all about helping our clients achieve their goals— in the most convenient way possible.


The final logo mark is a blend of minimalistic typography with a modern + futuristic twist. It was imperative to integrate a lens which symbolizes that the company leads with creativity of youth from various lenses.





Brink Black

Project: Website Design + Logo Design

Building a website for a new client can be quite the challenge. It’s all about understanding the direction that they want to take the logo in while pairing it with their strategy for future promotion/usage. I love the end result here.

Also, in the midst of COVID-19, the client wanted to get out ahead of providing and helping people go digital with content and branding. 

I invite you to stay tuned and see how I faced this amazing challenge, and see the final logo. My goal is to always help businesses evolve & grow.