This was a fun, yet challenging project to help a Minneapolis fitness trainer promote her services and expertise via a new website in order to land more virtual clients during COVID-19 and beyond.

One of the things in common as a designer and a personal trainer, we’re both all about helping our clients achieve their goals— in the most convenient way possible.


Over the span of 1-year, I developed a multi-step approach to elevate this fitness brand. Starting with establishing a brand identity (colors, fonts, etc) then moving into content production I focused on the details to take this brand to the next level.

I designed and developed a website for the client and also worked very closely to launch several new digital products into the marketplace. Throughout the year, we have seen an increase in conversion rates, customer retention, and overall market position compared to competitors.





Brink Black

Project: Website Design + Logo Design

Rebranding a client can be quite the challenge. It’s all about understanding the direction that they want to take their brand while pairing it with their strategy for future promotion/usage. I love the end result here.

Also, in the midst of COVID-19, the client wanted to get out ahead of providing and helping people go digital with content and branding. 

I invite you to stay tuned and see how I faced this amazing challenge, and see the final logo and website. My goal is to always help businesses evolve & grow.