Gizzle hit us up to redesign his existing website to better represent the music he puts out. He was looking for a powerful website with a modern and professional feel that utilized design influences from his new studio album. The design needed to look authentic, stand out all while telling his artistry story for fans and booking agents. 

This is a website build for the Hip-Hop musical artist GI Gizzle who is undoubtedly on the rise in the hip-hop scene. With his recent transitioning of success alongside the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic this slowed things down live music events, it was only right to amplify the artistry through a digital hub that fans could immersive themselves in.

I decided to make the website feel like his recently released album Don’t Take This Personal II and let the visual design help push not only the album but the ongoing information on the website. I feel that the UX and UI of the website give it a better flow and an opportunity for the fans and audience to navigate easily through the abundant amount of information.

Visual Swagger