Residential Electrical Solutions

Minnehaha Electric is an investor-owned, regulated utility providing electric, natural gas (through its wholly owned subsidiary Hennepin County Gas Company), and water service, to approximately 218,000 customers in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. A subsidiary of the company provides fiber optic services.
The vision is to make lives better every day with reliable energy and service.


Knowledge is as powerful as electricity

The electricity that powers our lives has become so commonplace that people sometimes forget the importance of using it safely. But no one makes electrical safety more of a priority than your local Minnehaha Electric company. They’re the experts who practice it and rely on it every day. Tap into their knowledge with these tools and tips to reduce preventable accidents and help keep every family safe in and around their homes.

Are you feeling electric?

Every brand needs a refreshing, vibrant and electric visual identity. This is why I collaborated with Minnehaha Electric Company – to modernize their brand and give them an electric touch in the marketplace.