From peddling t-shirts on street corners to opening one of the first African American-owned shops in Wicker Park, to the massively popular block party, The Silverroom has been at the forefront of driving culture in Chicago since 1997. We stepped in to provide creative direction, copywriting, and a website overhaul.

‘Inherently The Silverroom is a retail store, but it’s much more than that. It’s a community space, it’s a gathering space, it’s a place for book signings, it’s a dance floor, it’s a place for fashion shows.

Today, the store is located in the vibrant Hyde Park neighborhood. At the time of partnering the 1,500 sq. ft. boutique and community space was undergoing a major storefront redesign and the website was next up for a facelift to match the newly acquired look and feel.



The Silverroom, a well-known Chicago boutique came to TSDS for several reasons. One of which was to elevate their previously outdated online presence.

Second, to create a unified storefront that matched the quality of products they sold in retailers nationwide.

Last but not least, their vision was not being met. They aspired to become a premier staple in the eyes of Chicagoans and communities all over the world, however their imagery, visuals, and messaging needed to match their brand stance. It was time to transform them into a digital-first brand – where interactions around brand and product began online.


With the stress and uncertainty of the 2020 climate, customers were looking more than ever for online virtual shopping solutions. Together, we (TSDS and The Silverroom) created a minimalistic digital experience that met all creative needs while also highlighting the dope visual aesthetics of the store and products.

We reimagined and re-developed a powerful Shopify website for the client and also worked very closely to launch several new digital offerings into the marketplace. Over time, we have seen an increase in sales, conversion rates, customer retention, and overall market position compared to competitors.


➜ Set goals and objectives
➜ Stakeholder interviews
➜ Established key audiences
➜ Content audit and inventory
➜ Conducted UX research
➜ High fidelity prototypes
➜ Created wireframes
➜ Accessibility
➜ Usability testing
➜ Shopify Development
➜ User Experience Strategy
➜ Conducted competitive research