Website Design Prices should not be hidden

Check out my pricing for new or re-designed websites based on page count

Based on the experience of designing and building many websites, the following pricing schedule – which is based on page count – is offered here to provide you with a rough idea of what your site project is likely to cost. Since more time is needed to produce the first page of a multi-page site, the price per page decreases as the page count increases.

Please remember that Travon Sellers creates and builds custom sites. Each new website is carefully designed and built from scratch using modern web standards and practices. Since the amount of content that goes into a website varies greatly from site to site, the following prices should be considered average prices.


Number of Pages


Total Project Cost

1 $300 $300
2 $250 $500
3 $225 $675
4 $200 $800
5 $200 $1,000
6 $200 $1,200
7 $200 $1,400
8 $200 $1,600
9 $200 $1,800
10 $175 $1,750
15 $150 $2,250
20 $125 $2,500

Web sites vary from small informational sites consisting of just a few pages to large complex interactive sites consisting of many pages or sections. Because of this, the cost of having a new website created or an old one redesigned varies greatly. Design services are billed on an hourly basis that will depend upon the nature of the website or updates you require.

For large projects – such as new websites or site re-designs – a proposal outlining the scope of the project along with estimated pricing will be provided free of cost or obligation to you following an information gathering consultation (via phone or in person).

Smaller projects – such as site maintenance/content updates – can be billed on an ongoing basis without an initial proposal.

Travon Sellers’s rate for web design work is $85 per hour. A discounted rate for non-profits and/or regular clients can be negotiated.

Please contact Travon Sellers for more information or questions about web design services or pricing.