Website Content should always stay fresh & updated.

Keep it Juicy.

Imagine going to The New York Times website on Monday. The news is interesting and relevant. Then, on Thursday, you visit again. Both days, the news articles are exactly the same. Weird, right?

You pass H&M’s windows. They are interesting and cool. Next week, they are exactly the same. The week after… no change. Soon, you’re going to stop looking at the windows. Bad move, right?

It’s the same for websites. If visitors aren’t finding new and/ or interesting content, why come back… ever?

The same rule applies for search engines. If you aren’t constantly pinging search engines with new content, there’s no reason for the bots to crawl your site and rank your webpages higher than those of your competitors.

You MUST update and publish your content frequently to help search engines find your pages more readily, potentially resulting in higher rankings and increased viewership.

Blog Posts
Your blog is a great place to start. Create short, digestible, shareable pieces of content for your blog that ping the search engines.

Social Media Feed
A live social media feed on your website allows your site to constantly speak with search engines. By having new tweets or Facebook posts consistently updating on your homepage or relevant webpage, search engines will understand the new, valuable information that you’re putting out and will likely want to crawl to your site.

A press section is another good way to post fresh content. Updating your site with content about your company and employees helps consumers understand what’s happening within your business and industry. Search engines view the new pages as new content, which can also boost your page rank.

Bottom Line
The goal of all search engines is to serve customers with the most relevant information on the Web. By updating your website with fresh content, search engines and your customers will learn to value your site as a trusted source. Make it easy for the search engine to find you. Change your content. Keep if fresh. Keep it juicy!

Many thanks to Skyword for some of this information.